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This unique sleep mask has a higher concentration of cone snail toxin, reducing and preventing the appearance of expression lines (including the corners of the eyes and the forehead). The high-tech natural ingredients of this mask improve the structure and appearance of the skin, re-program the cells to rejuvenate and restore their normal protective functions. The mask’s overnight action ensures a phenomenal effect by the morning – the skin is well moisturized, supple, smooth and rejuvenated. XEP-018 gives an immediate botox-like effect. This neuroactive toxin extracted from cone snails impacts the neuromuscular signaling pathways, relaxing expression muscles without blocking them. This helps reduce wrinkles without compromising your natural expression. It has a clinically proven botox-like effect which is visible just 2 hours after application and is long-lasting due to its gradual accumulation. Your forehead and eye area wrinkles are reduced, your face looks more youthful and has a softer expression. Actisoothe provides comfort and tranquility for sensitive skin. This complex contains extracts of Cordyceps and Trametes mushrooms, which affect the synthesis of the inflammatory mediators returning comfort and tranquility to even sensitive skin. It helps ease irritation and flaking, as well as negative skin reactions to cosmetics. Hyanify fills and moisturizes. It works more effectively than hyaluronic acid, increasing its synthesis in the skin by 66% and improving cell activity. Reproage re-programs the skin for rejuvenation. This is an innovative hexapeptide controlling the way cells interpret genetic information. It impacts microRNA, regulating stem cell properties, and restores the normal rate of epidermal renewal, reducing the signs of aging and making the skin smooth and radiant. Sensolene provides protection for the hydrolipid mantle. This pure, natural ingredient, based on olive oil, integrates quickly into the upper skin layer, improving its barrier functions and giving hydration, smoothness and suppleness.

Base price R 499,00
R 499,00