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✓Gives comfort to sensitive skin ✓Reduces redness ✓Lightens pigmentation ✓Increases elasticity ✓Moisturizes

A cosmetic analogue to sclerotherapy for an ideal skin tone without makeup


Lipomoist-2036 is a molecular film, protecting the beauty of your skin.

It increases the level of moisture and collagen in the skin, rejuvenating it and making it more elastic.

Retinol molecular film fluid WP containing vitamin E improves the skin’s texture, increasing its elasticity and renewal as if after a gentle peeling.

SensAmone P5 provides instant comfort to sensitive skin.

It contains a polypeptide extracted from sea anemone toxin to block the skin’s pain receptors.

This relieves any uncomfortable itchy feeling and hypersensitivity 2 hours after application and increases the skin’s resistance to stress.

Telangyn neutralizes redness by inhibiting the peptide which causes vasodilation as a reaction to skin inflammation.

It reduces redness and pigmentation, evening out the skin’s tone.

Delisens fights neurogenic inflammation by inhibiting mediators causing irritation and itching.

It restores the skin’s barrier functions, brings back calmness and comfort to the skin, neutralizes the effect of cosmetic allergens and provides photoprotection.

Brighlette controls pigmentation as it acts on different stages of its formation and reduces melanin levels in spots by 61% in 8 weeks.

It gives an even tone and radiance to the skin, lightening pigmentation.

Base price R 499,00
R 499,00