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Alginate Masks


Alginate masks ‘Teana’ are exclusive cosmetic treatments made of unique algae

The whole might of the ocean comes to the rescue of your skin when you need to even skin tone, brighten your complexion, add a healthy glow to it, eliminate puffiness, reduce the appearance of age spots, smooth out the pores, erase fine lines and sculpt facial contour

Six reasons to choose “Teana” Alginate Masks:

1. Minute matter

You are too busy for the long treatments? Just clean your face and apply alginate mask “Teana” – after 20 minutes you will be impressed by the results!

2. Only natural ingredients

Red and brown algae – Laminaria and Spirulina – the oldest inhabitants of our planet and are a natural source of Alginic acid. Combined with extracts of the healing herbs and plants they help to achieve the best results possible

3. Multipurpose of use and ease of application

There is no contraindications to the use of alginate masks – they can be applied in any age and every skin type. By absorbing the water, alginate forms into gel and turns into elastic dense film which is very easy to remove when procedure is completed

4. Rejuvenation catalyst

Alginate masks “Teana” are the natural source of unique Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which ensure the deep penetration of active ingredients. In concurrence they intensify the impact of other components applied under the mask, energise the cells, strengthen and lift your skin, erase pores and fine lines, increase circulation and improve general immunity.

5. Breath of life

Alginate masks “Teana” increase the oxygen supply to the skin, protecting it from free radicals and decreasing capillary permeability. They eliminate radionuclides, stabilise the dermis barrier function, stimulate cells regeneration and replenish mineral balance while hydrating the skin

6. Prevention of aging

The research results has proven that regular use of alginate masks effectively prevents the first signs of aging

Alginate masks “Teana” are a beauty treatment of exceptional standards designed for professional and home use

AlgoBotoRelax Mask 1

An anti-aging, calming alginate cryo (cooling)-mask with ...
Base price: R 499,00
R 499,00
R 449,10

AlgoBotoRelax Mask 3

ABR3 AMBER WIND An alginate mask-radiance with mulberry, ...
Base price: R 450,00
R 450,00
R 405,00

AlgoBotoRelax Mask 6

Alginate mask with tea tree oil, willow extract and ...
Base price: R 450,00
R 450,00
R 405,00

AlgoBotoRelax 13

Enzymatic peeling with Myoxinol, Papaya and Pineapple
Base price: R 499,00
R 499,00
R 449,10